Since our facilities are Apartments or Rooms & Breakfast, we do not have a reception service and we need to organize self check-in with our guests.

It’s very important to contact us as soon as possible after reservation.
We need to give useful informations to our guest on how to reach the apartment/room and how to get the key.

Before the check-in we will ask our guests important details to confirm the reservation.

Self check-in
The check in is every day, time is flexible.
Morning check-in are allowed on request and based on availability. We will try to do our best to accommodate as soon as possible!
Self check-in means that apartment/room keys will be in a safe box next to the main entrance. Guests will need a code to open the safe box.

Self check-out
The check-out is untill:
– 12pm for the Apartments
– 10am for the Rooms
We can allow late check-out on request and based on availability.
Self check-out means that we won’t be there at check out time, no problem for early check-out. Our guests just need to leave keys in the apartment/room, every facility have a main door that close automatically.